HypnoBand - The ‘Virtual Gastric Band’ for weight loss

We are a North East Hypno-Band Weight Loss SpecialistThey

Would you like to stop thinking about your weight?

Are you preparing for the next failed diet?

Have you stopped telling people that you want to lose weight?

Have you a health condition that that needs a healthy body?

Are you unhappy with the way you look and feel?


We know from our clients that deciding to opt for a gastric band is not easy. They spend sleepless nights questioning whether it is the right thing for them. As surgery doesn’t always solve underlying issues, clients often worry how they will cope once the operation is over. This is why Hypno-Band is a popular choice before resorting to gastric band surgery.

Hypno-Band is designed for those with a BMI of over 25. The Hypno-Band System combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and hypnotherapy techniques to help you explore and change your eating habits. Thereafter, using the mind/body connection a ‘virtual gastric band’ is fitted to your stomach, helping you to eat less, less often.

Success rates are high for those who are fully committed to participating with the Hypno-Band System. It is not a quick fix and the part that you play is key to achieving what you want – namely losing weight.

If you have other concerns which may be connected to your eating habits, they will need to be discussed at the initial consultation.


Weight Loss

It needn’t be difficult

Losing weight is very personal and therefore slimming groups/clubs often fail to provide an individual solution. It is a fact that some weight loss can be achieved by these methods but shedding kilos is only one step in achieving a healthy lifestyle.

With every new fad diet publicised, new food rules are introduced to be monitored, planned and followed. Disappointment sets in as the addictive nature of novelty isn’t sustainable and reverting to the old ways of eating is inevitable.

When you’ve been good for so long and then it comes to an abrupt end when the pressure gets too much, you feel like you’ve failed. The diet is no longer new and exciting, people have stopped noticing your weight loss – the danger then is that you end up back where you started.


‘The Shift’

From discussions at your initial consultation, you will have a clear idea of how you would like to see yourself. The real ‘shift’ begins with how you think, feel and behave.

Hypnotherapy works on the level of feelings, patterns and unconscious motivations. This is why it can help you to want to make the right life style choices for your health and well being. It can also provide you with  the tools to deal with emotional distractions more effectively.

Why wait?