Poor Sleep

Please seek professional advice before considering Hypnotherapy 


Are you getting sufficient sleep?

Is overthinking keeping you awake?

Are your thoughts of sleep the moment you open your eyes?

Do you always have one eye on the clock?

New baby, new work pattern, moving home and no time to rest?

Are you finding it difficult to stay awake during the day?


Getting Better Sleep

Would you like to retrain your mind to drift naturally and easily to that place of deep and restorative sleep? The benefits of a good night’s sleep go way beyond feeling refreshed and alert.

How would you like to open your eyes and find that you can:
  • have better health and improved immune system
  • feel relaxed and happier
  • be more productive
  • have more energy
  • improve stress levels that can help achieve weight loss

There may be obvious reasons affecting your sleep such as caring for a small baby or child, difficult work patterns or unsolved problems. When sleeping becomes difficult, however,  it can take over your thoughts and be what is actually keeping you awake. Just one or two nights of poor sleep can make us feel:

  • fatigued
  • irritable/emotional
  • unable to focus
  • forgetful
Long standing sleep deprivation has also been linked to more serious health conditions and can:
  • increase heart rate and blood pressure
  • lead to long-term mood disorders like depression and anxiety
  • increase the risk of developing diabetes
  • increase the chance of accidents
How Hypnotherapy can work for you

Together with good sleep habits, hypnosis can help relieve the stress of sleeplessness and work with you to return your mind and body to their natural state. Dreaming is the deepest trance you can ever experience and is similar to hypnosis. Since dreaming is largely concerned with ‘clearing’ the brain of emotional arousal, hypnosis can complement this process, thereby promoting restful sleep.



Rested & Refreshed.