Hypnotherapy to help Manage Pain

Please seek professional advice before considering Hypnotherapy


Is pain keeping you awake? 

Are you taking more and more medication with little affect?

Have you stopped leaving your home ‘just in case’?

Do your loved ones understand how you are feeling?

Has an injury left you pain that just won’t go away?



Types of pain


It’s important to remember that we encounter pain for a reason. It’s a signal that something needs attention and shouldn’t be ignored. Seeking professional advice is where to begin and to establish if specialist help is needed. It’s only then that hypnotherapy should be explored as a method of pain management.


There are two main categories of pain – acute and chronic. Acute pain is temporary and will usually ease with time. Chronic pain, however, never seems to go away, or it will occasionally subside only to return again feeling even more intense.


Some of the effects of pain on the body:


  • raised blood pressure
  • increased breathing & heart rate
  • muscle tension
  • fatigue
  • sleep problems
  • changes in appetite
  • heightened emotions
  • stress & anxiety


When you believe a pain will never go away, it captures and narrows your focus of attention. It demands all your time and can leave little thought for anything else. It can also place demands on your partner, friends and relatives, causing isolation, feelings of anger, anxiety and resentment.


When Hypnosis can help


Stress & anxiety are well recognised as  symptoms of chronic pain and can even aggravate the situation. Helping to reduce stress and to change the way we think and respond to pain can make a huge difference to how we perceive pain.


It is through the natural hypnotic process that you can learn how to relax and to let go of distracting thoughts that help maintain a state of anxiety. Then, as relaxation deepens, you can experience the temporary loss of feeling and the benefits of dissociation that help to relieve pain.



Don’t let pain define who you are.